Chemical and enzymatic peeling: a wellness choice for the beauty and health of the skin

Promote cell turnover and exfoliate the skin, giving it a brighter and more uniform appearance, reducing imperfections and making it more elastic and consistent: these are the results of peeling, a real ally of our beauty and, even before, the health of our skin.

The peeling, going to remove superficial dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles, uniforms the complexion and makes irregularities, spots and scars less evident. But how can this be achieved? And what are the types of peeling we can choose from to thoroughly purify our skin? Let’s figure out together!

Chemical peeling: deep exfoliation for skin renewal

Chemical peeling is a treatment that allows you to deeply renew the upper layers of the skin, removing dead cells.

This result is obtained through the use of some particular exfoliating substances, among the most used Alpha and Beta-hydroxyacids – such as glycolic acid, obtained from sugar cane, tartaric acid, from grapes, or the salicylic acid, extracted from willow bark – which work on substances that act as “glue” and retain dead cells anchored to the skin. The acids modify the chemical structure of these substances, starting their loosening and therefore favoring the detachment of dead cells.

This type of treatment allows you to go to act in depth, to renew even the deep layers of the skin: for this reason, chemical peeling is particularly effective in exfoliating the skin.

Enzymatic peeling: what it is and how it acts on the skin

Enzymatic peeling works in a radically different way compared to the chemical one: the heart of its mechanism of action is the presence of enzymes, natural chemicals that play an important role in metabolism.

Enzymes have the ability to act specifically on other substances, causing a permanent change in them: for example, they have a fundamental role in the ripening of fruit and vegetables, as well as in the process of digestion, because they split macromolecules which constitute food and make it assimilable from our intestines.

Thanks to these properties, the enzymes are also able to perform a significant exfoliating action: if applied to the skin they can degrade some of the proteins that make up the epidermis, such as keratin, transforming them into simple amino acids. The intervention of enzymes therefore literally dissolves dead cells, freeing the pores and making the skin brighter, healthier and more compact.

Which type of peeling to choose?

As we have seen, chemical and enzymatic peels differ substantially in their different mechanism of action: in the first case the dead cells are eliminated thanks to the intervention of chemical agents that degrade the glue that holds them together, while in the other they are dissolved by specific enzymes that modify its structure. For this reason, the choice of the type of peeling to be preferred depends on the characteristics of your skin, on the imperfection to be treated and on the depth to which you want to go to act: chemical peeling is an exfoliation method also effective in counteracting aging cutaneous; the enzymatic one adapts to the characteristics of each type of skin, even the most sensitive one, purifying it without irritating it. The low aggressiveness of the enzymatic peeling also makes it ideal as a preparation for the various professional body treatments, because the enzymes guarantee a particularly delicate exfoliation.

Another difference between the two types of treatment concerns the methods of implementation: enzymatic peeling, in fact, can also be carried out at home and does not necessarily require the intervention of the beautician, while chemical peeling, precisely because of the particularity of the acids that are used, must necessarily be completed by a professional. Furthermore, after a chemical peeling treatment, the skin is more sensitive, therefore it is essential to pay attention to hydrate it correctly and to avoid exposure to the sun, in order to rebalance its pH and enjoy the effects of a treatment that acts in this way. deep.


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