icona Global Sun Defence SPF 50+

Global Sun Defence SPF 50+


Face&Body | 100ml  

The beauty of a golden and uniform tan also for the most delicate and sensitive skins.

Ultra protected tan

In just a single product, high protection UVA/UVB photostable filters and active ingredients protect and deeply repair the skin also with a wonderful tan.

nutrients, antioxidants and repairers active ingredients

A silky texture enriched by:

Vit.E, Shea butter, Kukui Oil, Ferulic Acid, UVA/UVB filters. 

Global Sun Defence line

Innovative formulations enriched with special active ingredients: enveloping textures with fresh and exotic notes and rapid absorption. Resistant to water, do not leave the unpleasant white effect.

Nickel Tested <1ppm.