icona TINDARI Tanning Activator

TINDARI Tanning Activator


Face&Body | 200ml – 15ml

Tan, hydration and firmness.

ideal for

dry and very dry skin, which also requires elasticity, tone and firmness.

New active for tanning

Summer, an extraordinary experience of colors, which release joy and happiness, as with our Tindari activator, with its orange-colored texture, which expresses enthusiasm and energy, and with the golden color it gives to the skin, even more intense with the new tan activator.

It is an amino acid of natural origin that acts as a tanning booster, strengthened by the action of tyrosines.

The tanning result is even more natural and luminous, with the support of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to promote hydration and tonicity, together with the action of Opuntia extract, a plant better known as prickly pear and the fruit symbol of our Mediterranean coasts, an active ingredient which contributes, together with vit.E, to combating skin ageing. Its citrus scent transmits all the warmth of the Mediterranean.

The green evolution of MySun continues with Tindari, with the new bio-based tube from certified sugar cane

When to apply an activator of the tan?


to make the skin more receptive. Soft and hydrated skin responds better to sun exposure, with a more uniform and lasting tan.


to keep the skin soft and quenched, counteract skin aging and promote a more intense tan.

After Tanning

to eliminate the unsightly effects of skin dehydration.


it is suitable for all skin types and leaves the body extraordinarily soft and hydrated. The important thing, during exposure, is to always combine it with the most suitable sunscreen for your phototype.


The activators do not contain sunscreens, it is therefore important to associate them with the sunscreen that best suits your phototype.

MySun Tips

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