Global Sun defense, the line of protection and after-sun designed by Mysun, sophisticated formulations to protect and regenerate the skin, leading to an intense and lasting tan. The Mysun protective lotions contain a unique blend of UVA/UVB photostable sunscreens along with nutrients actives, repairers and antioxidants, for a protected skin and an outstanding tan. Enveloping textures with an high level of absorption in a fresh scent of exotic notes. Mysun takes care of you after sun exposure, through a range of after-sun products aimed at rebalancing the proper hydration of the skin and relieving any redness.

Sun Stick SPF50

High sun protection, with an invisible texture and practical stick format. Specially designed for the most exposed and sensitive areas of the face.

Kit We ❤️ MySun

An energetic clutch bag made of soft EVA material, inspired by the PANTONE® Living Coral color, and 3 essential references of the Global Sun Defense line.

Global Sun Defence SPF 6

A unique combination of UVA/UVB photostables filters and tanning enhancer activators that act synergistically to create an intense beautiful tan.

Global Sun Defence SPF 15

Protected skin and glowing, golden and absolutely sublime tan, thanks to a specific UV protection system and an exclusive mix of actives.

Global Sun Defence SPF 30

High UV protection formula for a splendid golden tanning result, which gently becomes more intense, natural and durable.

Global Sun Defence SPF 50+

The beauty of a golden and uniform tan also for the most delicate and sensitive skins.