icona Absolute Tan

Absolute Tan

Tanning activator | 170 ml - 15 ml

Tanning activator with bronzer

Double synergy of activators and bronzers, for an intensely gold tan, together with the active complex based on Equisetum extract, guarana and creatine to give the tissues tone and vigor. Toned and defined contours that are expressed in an intense and warm color.

counteract dryness and skin aging

Goji berries, lychee, panthenol and vitamine E for an antioxidant action and soft and thirst-quenched skin.

Texture and scent

Evanescent texture that releases freshness to the skin, together with its heady scent, a decidedly unisex accord of fruity and flowery notes.

Nickel tested <1ppm. It does not contain sunscreens.

Main active ingredients: Equisetum, guarana, creatine, goji berries, lychee, panthenol and vitamine E. Complex of tanning and bronzer activators (DHA).

When to apply an activator of the tan?


to make the skin more receptive. Soft and hydrated skin responds better to sun exposure, with a more uniform and lasting tan.


to keep the skin soft and quenched, counteract skin aging and promote a more intense tan.

After Tanning

to eliminate the unsightly effects of skin dehydration.


it is suitable for all skin types and leaves the body extraordinarily soft and hydrated. The important thing, during exposure, is to always combine it with the most suitable sunscreen for your phototype.


The activators do not contain sunscreens, it is therefore important to associate them with the sunscreen that best suits your phototype.

MySun Tips

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