When you choose Sportarredo, you can count on a product that is safe and reliable at all times. Reliability means sincerity and commitment on our part, both before and after the sale. Each solarium is installed by a Sportarredo technical team. In moments of difficulty, we shall assist you thanks to the constant support of our specialized technicians with their vast experience in the electrotechnical field. Their advice is essential for the correct installation of the units and in order to ensure that they continue to work efficiently over time.


To guarantee safe tanning, the solariums require, first and foremost, scheduled maintenance, consisting of in-depth cleaning and general check ups. Scheduled maintenance is performed by Sportarredo technicians to relieve you of all risks and worry. In case of urgency, the Sportarredo Technical Centre is always at your disposal to provide longdistance advice or to programme technical intervention without delay. A Sportarredo customer is never alone.


Attention to our customers does not end when they purchase our products. Purchasers of sun-tanning machines join the Sportarredo service program in which they are taken care of as if they were unique. Each sun-tanning machine is installed and tested at the customer’s beauty salon to make sure that the equipment delivered is in perfect working order. Our service experts are always ready to clear doubts and solve problems through the supply of detailed documentation and an on-site technical team. Sportarredo customers are never alone, because they have selected a reliable partner.

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