Collagen and tanning

Regenerate your body without renouncing to tanning
Sportarredo presents a new tanning concept with the Kalfasun Collatan lamps, a dual technology in a single lamp: UV and red light emissions. Tanning and beauty combined together for a unique effect with the distinctive feature of Kalfasun lamps: quality.

Collagen and tanning together for a hydrated skin and a defined and fresh look together with a splendid golden tan.
Collagen is a protein with a key factor in the structure and function of organs and tissues. Its meaning , from the Latin “colla” (“glue”) and “geno” (“generator”) highlights the important role that occupies among the structural proteins of our bodies, performing a function of protection and support, giving flexibility to the various tissues and cells. The decline of the metabolism of the skin and cell natural functions starts from 25 years age, influenced also by dangerous habits like smoke, unhealthy nutrition, alchool abuse, etc… The skin loses its ability to produce proteins of collagen in a natural way. The result is a dull complexion, wrinkles, dry skin and loss of elasticity. However, this process can be slowed down. The solution is a Red Light treatment with our KalfaBio lamps stimutating collagen. The Red Light accelerates the photobiological growth of the cells and cell division. Every cell contains mitochondria that are nothing more than “the powerhouse” of the cell, which produces ATP (the “fuel” of the cells). The Red light passes through the membrane of the mitochondrion and acts as an “additional energy” for the ATP, which is required for cell division. When the Red light penetrates into the dermis, it also has beneficial healing properties, thanks to the process of production of new collagen that has been activated.


Fotobiomix In one equipment, with an elegant design, you can find three technologies at once.

Vega XLe

A device that perfectly combines technology and design, with a sophisticated and captivating character, underlined by the charm of the colors.

Vega Lux Open 51

Ethnic look, electronic fan control for unrivaled comfort.

Vega 48

Low pressure vertical solarium with 48 160w kalfasun tubes fitted in a unit with a modern and sophisticated design.

Vega 39

Low pressure vertical solarium with 39 160w kalfasun tubes fitted in a unit with a modern and sophisticated design.

Vega 45

Vertical tanning for visible results right from the first session.

LP3 140

With its forty-eight low pressure 160W Kalfasun lamps (20 on the base and 28 on the canopy), tanning results are guaranteed.

LP3 110

Unprecedented performance, plus and trendy design.


Modern and refined style for the low pressure favourite in its class.

LP1 32

Reduced consumption and dimensions.