Collagen and tanning

Regenerate the body, without giving up tanning!
Sportarredo presents a new tanning concept with the UV + Collagen configuration , which combines a double technology: UV emissions and red light . Tan and beauty combined together for a unique effect, with the distinctive feature of the Sportarredo tan: quality and result.
A treatment that aims at hydration, well-being and attention to the appearance of the skin , while giving a natural golden color , is the combined action of UV rays with the benefits of red light that stimulates collagen production.
Collagen is a fundamental protein in the structure and function of organs and tissues. Its meaning, from the Latin “glue” and “geno” that is “glue producer”, highlights the important role it plays among the structural proteins of our body, carrying out a function of protection and support and giving flexibility to the different tissues and cells. The decline in skin metabolism and natural functions begins as early as the age of 25, as well as influenced by some lifestyle habits such as smoking, poor diet, alcohol abuse, etc. The skin begins to lose its ability to naturally produce collagen proteins. The result is a dull complexion, wrinkles, dry skin and loss of elasticity. However this process can be slowed down, one solution: Red Light Therapy. Red Light accelerates photobiological cell growth and cell division. Each cell contains mitochondria which are nothing more than the “powerhouse” of the cell, which produces ATP (the universal fuel of cells). Red Light passes through the mitochondrial membrane and acts as an additional energy for ATP, which is needed for cell division. When Red Light penetrates the dermis, it also has beneficial restorative properties, thanks to the process of producing new collagen that has been activated.


Inimitable performance in an open four-column shower.


Exclusivity in high pressure tanning.


Fotobiomix In one equipment, with an elegant design, you can find three technologies at once.

Vega XLe

A device that perfectly combines technology and design, with a sophisticated and captivating character, underlined by the charm of the colors.

Vega Lux Open 51

Ethnic look, electronic fan control for unrivaled comfort.

Vega 48

Low pressure vertical solarium with 48 160w kalfasun tubes fitted in a unit with a modern and sophisticated design.

Vega 39

Low pressure vertical solarium with 39 160w kalfasun tubes fitted in a unit with a modern and sophisticated design.

Vega 45

Vertical tanning for visible results right from the first session.

LP3 140

With its forty-eight low pressure 160W Kalfasun lamps (20 on the base and 28 on the canopy), tanning results are guaranteed.

LP3 110

Elegant design and unmatched tanned performance


Attractive design, large support surface, powerful ventilation for an even and seductive tan.

LP1 45

Reduced consumption and dimensions.

LP1 32

Reduced consumption and dimensions.

LP1 45

Reduced consumption and dimensions