A perfect combination of design and performance hard to beat. Tan becomes relaxing thanks to the stylish technical solutions absolutely outstanding: ergonomic shaped acrylic, relaxing massage, maximized session time, a perfect solution for all customer’s needs with no compromise. Many solutions, a common thread: the best quality and high technology.

LP3 140

With its forty-eight low pressure 160W Kalfasun lamps (20 on the base and 28 on the canopy), tanning results are guaranteed.

LP3 110

Unprecedented performance, plus and trendy design.


Modern and refined style for the low pressure favourite in its class.

LP1 45

Reduced consumption and dimensions.

LP1 32

Reduced consumption and dimensions.

Mastersun 360

The champion of the sportarredo team. The absolute maximum in high pressure sunbeds.

Mastersun GLX

The “brother” of mastersun 360, mastersun glx is the utmost in high pressure machines with a massaging mattress.