The beauty of tanning that loves leather. Face and body sun cosmetics treatments designed to prepare the skin and for favor intensification, uniformity and the beauty of the tan, they combine essential substances for the skin for counteract skin aging, the dryness resulting from exposure to UV rays and for wellness and beauty of the skin. of the skin. They do not contain sunscreens, they go then paired with sunscreen plus suitable for your phototype. The treatments Tanning Activators are perfect in combination with ultra protectors performing MySun. Choose from the new GSD cream formulas Respect or the extraordinary line in Charisma biphasic spray.

Absolute Tan

Double synergy of activators and bronzers, for an intensely gold tan.

TINDARI Tanning Activator

Enveloping treatment enriched by a high concentration of active ingredients for a supreme tanning result.

KAUA'I Intense Tropical Tan

A precious texture to prepare the skin to an intense and prolonged tan.

AFRICA Intense Black Tan

A velvety touch for a particularly dark tan. 


Gel-cream that gives a really intense tanning to legs since first application.