icona Sun Spray SPF30

Sun Spray SPF30

SPF30 - High protection

SPRAY PROTECTIONS FROM THE EXTRAORDINARY TWO-PHASE FORMULA: impalpable and transparent, refreshing and comfortable, practical and fast.

SPF30 - High protection

Biphasic solar water for sun-sensitive skins.
Protection, tanning and relaxation during sun exposure. Sun spray is practical and fast, with its spray delivery It favors frequent applications to protect the skin and its texture, pleasantly fresh and invisible, gives comfort and well-being.

Main active:

Aloe juice and panthenol to support the
soothing action, tropical mix of mango, coconut and papaya to promote hydration and counteract skin aging. A specific selection of photostable UVA/UVB filters for protection, tyrosine and carrot oil to bring out the beauty of the tan.