Charisma Essence

Leather, with its uniqueness between women and men, for both a single watchword: respect. Protecting it, giving it attention, daily care and constancy in the beauty routine, and even more in sun exposure. This is why the new Charisma Essence line was born, essential references in the summer to support the skin in exposure and essential all year round for the daily treatment of the skin. Self respect is essential, as is taking care of your skin.


The lightness and freshness of a spray formula in a hydration treatment.

Hydra Essence Mask

Tissue facial mask with Hyaluronic acid, ideal for quenching the skin after sun exposure.

Face Cream

3 in 1 hydration treatment: face, eye contour, neck and décolleté.

Body Peeling

Leave-in exfoliating body treatment

Face Peeling

Leave-in exfoliating facial treatment