The lamp is the heart of the solarium, a quality choice ensures unparalleled results.

Kalfasun is Sportarredo Group’s line of high and low pressure lamps for the professional world of tanning and aesthetics. Multiple models available in different lengths and performances to offer maximum freedom of choice in the configuration of your equipment. The materials chosen in the design of all Kalfasun lamps by Sportarredo reflect the highest construction standards, starting with the “open glass” used for the low pressure blades which, thanks to its purity, allows the passage of rays without impediments, to the balancing of gases and phosphors, up to the electrodes, embellished with noble metals, designed to obtain maximum efficiency. Scrupulous tests, carried out in the Sportarredo laboratories equipped with sophisticated measuring instruments in ignition, duration, emission and decay, therefore allow us to present lamps on the market that can always satisfy the professional and the customer. The correct dose of UVA and UVB is not expressed only in a simple percentage ratio between their absolute values ​​but is measured in terms of total energy released in the time of a session. The choice of the quantity of the rays and their balancing represents one of the most delicate moments in the construction process of a lamp. Energy is measured in absolute terms and also in its effect on the skin (erythematogenic power). The length of the lamp is also studied in order to ensure the emission as constant as possible along its entire surface. The lamp is the heart of the solarium, a quality choice ensures unparalleled results.

Kalfasun Low Pressure UV

A wide range of low pressure fluorescent lamps with different powers and lengths.

Kalfasun Low Pressure UV+RED LIGHT

Double UV + Collagen technology combined for a tanning, regenerating and innovative effect!

Kalfa-Bio Low Pressure COLLAGENE RED LIGHT

Designed to maximize the photo-rejuvenation effect of red light in all compatible equipment.

Kalfasun Low Pressure ColorTan Yellow

YELLOW UV emission lamps with RELAXING effect, the natural choice for those who want to create a perfect combination dedicated to body and mind.

Kalfasun Low Pressure ColorTan Green

GREEN UV emission lamps with ENERGIZING effect, to recharge your energy and get a brilliant and deep tan.

Kalfasun High Pressure UV

The lamp reaches its maximum yield within the first minute of switching on: an unmatched tanning result.

Kalfasun High Pressure UV+RED LIGHT

NEW PATENT <b>Beauty Soft Tan </b> exploits the benefits of red light combined with UV rays, obtaining the maximum tanning result combined with collagen stimulation.