Environmental ultraviolet sterilization


– Extremely performing device, thanks to a mercury vapor discharge UV-C lamps technology, tested for the elimination of volatile biological particles.
– Simple and intuitive use, fully programmable.
– Innovative design and small size, suitable for all the environments.
– Simple, silent and ergonomic.

Main functioning principles: based on a forced cycle ventilation system, sucks the air from the surrounding environment, up to 120 m³ in 1 hour, and conveys it towards 4 UVC lamps that, thanks to their high germicide power, treat the air before being released back into the enviroment.

It’s main feature is the continuous air treatment of any closed environment, during each wo king time and in the presence of people, for a constant management activity on counteracting the bacterial load in the air.


Technical data sheet

Dimensions on wall
with stand (optional)
h. 82 x l. 27 x w. 11 cm
h. 107 x l. 33 x w. 28 cm
Weighton wall
with stand (optional)
12,5 Kg
15 kg
Type of operationcontinuous
Flow120 m³/h
Lampsn.4 UV-C tubes of 25W
Lunghezza d’onda253,7 nm
Equipment includedDust filter and Electronic timer
Lamp life9000 hours (1 year: 24 hours)
Noise32 dB
Absorbed power150 W
Power supply230 V