Ozone sanitization


The “O3Zone System” professional continuous flow ozone generator uses the sanitation methodology through ozone, a molecule in gas form, with antiseptic qualities that is widely used for its action against viruses, bacteria, spores and molds. A low impact technique that does not require the use of chemicals, ozone is generated by the transformation of the oxygen present in the air. Compact, silent, practical design and easy to use, it does not require special technical skills aside operator.

Function in short: Ozone is a naturally occurring gas, it is a strongly agent broadspectrum oxidant, particularly active against pathogens, molds, spores as well as bad smells and many polluting particles; also, being an unstable gas, its decay begins after about 30 minutes, allowing shortly thereafter the use of sanitized and odor-free rooms.

The integrated timer permits to use the device with the “AUTOSTART” function, to program sanitization, allowing the operator to move away from the area affected by the treatment.


Technical data sheet

Power supply230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Max power100 W
Protection fuse2 A
Noise level< 40 dB
Voltage timing from10.000 mg/hour (*)
Forced air flow210 m³/h
Generator deviceHigh discharge electrode
Temporizzazionefrom 5 to 60 minutes with 5 minutes step
Dimensions276 x 260 x 316 mm
Weight3,0 kg
(*) Value measured in the laboratory with parameters environmental stabilized and continuous O2 flow.