Disinfectant spray for rooms and surfaces, total emptying mode


Simple, practical, fast and innovative method total emptying mode for indoor disinfection (room volume 50-80 mc), doctors’ offices, changing rooms, wardrobes, interior the car and all those sites where unpleasant odors arecreated, also for objects such as telephones, toilets, public places.

Easy to use: shake the can before use and place it on the floor, in the center of the room. Press the button fully until it locks into the total emptying position, exit the local by closing the access doors. Wait for the complete emptying of the can and leave for at least 15 minutes. Before entering the treated environment, aerate it by opening doors and windows, removing residues with a clean cloth.

Disinfectant action
The association between two synergistic active ingredients (quaternary ammonium salt and orthophenylphenol) guarantees a wide spectrum of action against bacteria gram + and gram- (test UNI EN 1276 and UNI EN 13697), mushrooms (test UNI EN 1650 and UNI EN 13697).

Deodorant action
SPRAY MEDICAL acts as an active air freshener, giving off also an intense lemon scent.

Technical data sheet

Format150ml bottle
Medical surgical device