Ready-to-use disinfectant detergent, also in foaming form


Ready-to-use solution, suitable for disinfecting surfaces, worktops and treatment of beds, plastics, acrylics and false leather surfaces, in general for all materials incompatible with alcohol.

Disinfectant action
The association between a modern quaternary ammonium salt and chlorhexidine quickly guarantees a broad spectrum action against gram+ and grambacteria, yeasts and viruses, including HIV (aids), HBV and HBC (hepatitis B and C), Adenovirus. Effective on bacteria in 5’, on fungi (yeasts) (C. albicans) in 5’, tuberculocide in 15’.

Cleansing action
IMPREDIS SOFT also exercises a delicate detergent effect on treated materials. Absence of alcohol, perfumes and irritants/sensitizers ingredients IMPREDIS SOFT does not contain alcohol and is therefore suitable for surfaces and delicates materials not compatible with alcohol. It is not fragrant.

Double mode of use: normal jet or foaming (when want to improve the cleaning action and reduce the inhalation of the product supplied for operators/users).Use with TNT cloths to distribute the vaporized solution.

Technical data sheet

Format1lt bottle with dispenser.
Medical device