icona Sun Spray

Sun Spray

Sun Spray solar water with SPF | 250 ml

Solar water with SPF an extraordinary 2-phase formula

Sunny beach, total relaxation, perfect tan. Nothing is really missing. It would only take a little more freshness, a light dew on the skin to dampen the heat.

Relaxation for the skin

Enveloped by the freshness of the spray texture, light and pleasantly invisible, enriched with soothing aloe juice and panthenol, tropical mix of mango, coconut and papaya to promote hydration and counteract the skin aging.

Tan and protection

Synergy of tyrosines and carrot oil to stimulate tanning. UVA-UVB sunscreens for skin protection.

Three factors envolved: SPF6 for very dark, sun-resistant and non-burning skin and SPF15 for dark skin, already used to the sun bath, SPF30 for sensitive skin.

Main active ingredients: aloe juice, panthenol, mango, coconut and papaya extracts. UVA-UVB sun filters, carrot oil and tyrosines.

Nickel Tested <1ppm.
Dermatologically tested.