New textures, new fragrances, careful and respectful formulas without alcohol, parabens, silicones, mineral oils. The charisma of gold, a color that has always inspired and influenced fashion, design and, above all, beauty. From perfumery to cosmetics, it is synonymous with luxury and beauty, and what is the word that best expresses the color of the skin, but a splendid golden tan?

Absolute Tan

Double synergy of activators and bronzers, for an intensely gold tan.

Sun Spray

Synergy of tyrosines and carrot oil to stimulate tanning. UVA-UVB sunscreens for skin protection.


The lightness and freshness of a spray formula in a hydration treatment.

Hydra Essence Mask

Tissue facial mask with Hyaluronic acid, ideal for quenching the skin after sun exposure.